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e-Learning: mastering the challenges of cybersecurity


Master the main cybersecurity issues and learn how to put them to work for your business.

Cybersecurity is an increasingly global and high-profile issue, and your customers are increasingly exposed to cybercrime. As a legal professional, you need to be able to support your customers, but you also need to ensure the security of the sensitive data you handle on a daily basis. This comprehensive, practical training course is designed to meet the needs of your profession.


On completion of this course, you will be able to :
🎯 The challenges of cybersecurity,
🎯 The different types of attack,
🎯 The major trends in cybercrime,
🎯 The institutional players involved and the applicable law.

With a practical approach, dedicated tools and reflex cards, we’ll look at how to put in place strong measures to protect your practice or the company in which you work, and how to react to a cyber crisis.

🎓 The trainer

For this training course, Sidequest has enlisted the help of Jean-Sylvain Chavanne, a computer engineer who is also an expert in private law.


  • Type of teaching: distance learning
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Prerequisites: Legal training
  • Trainer: Jean-Sylvain Chavanne, Master of Private Law and cybersecurity engineer.
  • Methods: lecture-based and demonstrative, using videos, screencasts, animations and additional resources.
  • Assessment methods: MCQs at the end of each module and at the end of the course.
  • Accessibility: 100% online with flexible pace, scripting available to learners if required, additional facilities available on request on a case-by-case basis.

Training objectives :

✅ Understanding the definition and modalities of opportunistic cyberattacks
✅ Understanding the definition and methods of targeted cyberattacks
✅ Discover the major trends in cybercrime
✅ Know the main authorities involved in cybersecurity at national and European level
✅ Know the main legal principles applicable to cybersecurity
✅ Know the basic hygiene principles to protect your practice/business
✅ Learn the basics of crisis management
✅ Understanding the challenges of preserving digital evidence
✅ Know the areas in which the lawyer can intervene in cybersecurity matters.


Partie 1 : Les cyber attaques opportunistes

Partie 2 : Les cyberattaques ciblées et la cybercriminalité

Partie 3 : Autorités compétentes

Partie 4 : Le contexte réglementaire lié à la cybersécurité

Partie 5 : Principes de base pour protéger son cabinet/l'entreprise

Partie 6 : Les principes de base de la gestion d’une crise cyber

Partie 7 : Accompagner son client/son entreprise

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