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Facilitate the success of African entrepreneurs and investors by offering them simplified access to essential legal tools and information, via a single platform.


To drive innovation and economic development in Africa, removing legal barriers for entrepreneurs and investors, fostering an era of inclusive and sustainable prosperity on the continent.


Justice – Courage – Integrity – Efficiency – Excellence – Accountability – Accessibility – Diversity – Community – Empowerment – Resilience – Generosity – Cheerfulness


I’m Sonia Mavouna, a lawyer at the Paris Bar and the founder of African Legal Factory. I began my career with the international law firm Clifford Chance as a private equity associate in the Casablanca office. I have worked with the most prestigious investment funds such as Actis, Améthis, Wendel, DPI and Helios on transactions in French-speaking Africa in the banking, education and agri-food sectors.

While working with probono on a number of startups and incubators, I quickly realized that legal services were too expensive for entrepreneurs inFrench-speaking Africa. Moreover, there was very little legal information available online for entrepreneurs to simply understand how to legally hold their startup or learn how to prepare for raising funds.

Faced with this huge problem, I took up the challenge of finding a solution by launching the African Legal Factory to provide entrepreneurs with training and legal support. ALF has now become a movement made up of a community that fights on a daily basis to make the law accessible to investment players in Africa.

Our DNA is made up of law, new technologies and love of others. We aim to merge legal expertise and technology, providing practical legal information, accessible services and fostering a virtual infrastructure that turns legal challenges into opportunities.


Courage: ALF values courage as a noble and ongoing quest. It encourages individuals to act boldly, question convention and overcome their fears in order to improve and succeed.

Giving & Sharing: ALF’s core value is to give without expecting anything in return. Embracing the idea that knowledge is free and abundant, the company promotes a culture of generosity and sharing between experts and novices. We firmly believe that there’s room for everyone in the marketplace, and together we want to turn your dreams into reality.

ALF values innovation in the legal services sector, leveraging technology to create an innovative platform that makes legal services more accessible, efficient and profitable for entrepreneurs.

Community and mutual aid :
The focus on creating a virtual infrastructure and promoting collaboration between entrepreneurs and lawyers suggests a value for community development. ALF aims to build a community where mutual support and knowledge sharing thrive.

Empowerment :
ALF’s mission to equip entrepreneurs with legal tools and facilitate their entry into the entrepreneurial arena points to the value of empowerment. The platform aims to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary legal knowledge and support.

Ethics :
ALF adheres to ethical standards and principles in the provision of legal services to contractors.


1. Accessibility :
We’re committed to making legal services accessible. The platform strives to offer accessible legal services by developing technologies that improve lawyers’ efficiency, ultimately leading to more affordable services for customers.

2. Practical tips :
Our customer service philosophy includes the provision of practical information and advice. ALF aims to equip entrepreneurs with valuable legal information, ensuring that legal considerations are not perceived as obstacles but rather as tools for success.

3. A close-knit community :
At ALF, we emphasize the importance of community support. By creating a virtual infrastructure that fosters collaboration between entrepreneurs and lawyers, we aim to build a community that supports each other in tackling legal challenges.

4. Value creation :
ALF, as a value creator, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs improve the legal status of their companies, thus contributing to the overall value of well-structured entities.

5. Innovation in legal services :
At ALF, we aim to use technology to make legal services more efficient, resulting in faster, more cost-effective solutions for customers.

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