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Bootcamp live: the keys to successful fundraising in French-speaking Africa

Get legally ready in 3H TOP CHRONO for your next fundraising event in French-speaking Africa.

Are you looking for your first financing package to help your start-up grow? Many people want to raise funds to finance the development of their start-up… But few succeed. Do you think raising funds is a long and difficult process? Are you afraid of negotiations that don’t work out, and that could wear you out? Your start-up is a great success, which is certainly a good thing! But are you wondering how to present it to investors, so that they will help you finance your international development ? And would you like to find a fundraising course to help you?

Who should attend this fund-raising course?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to finance the development of their businesses, but don’t know where to start;
  • incubators who want to know how to support their start-ups, and also understand how a fund-raising process works;
  • people who want to master the fund-raising process from A to Z, and understand the specificities of French-speaking Africa.

You could embark on endless Internet searches… However

There remains a huge PROBLEM...

Where to find information transparently? It’s very difficult to know all the tricks of the fund-raising trade, the investors’ proposals, … And above all, to know what works today, rather than what has worked in the past. The lack of precise information raises further questions:

  • Where and when to raise funds?
  • How to make strategic presentations?
  • How long does the fundraising process take?
  • What are the legal obstacles?
  • How can you avoid lengthy, pointless negotiations?

So many questions that you end up giving up…
It’s precisely to give you all the right answers, that I’ve set up the online training:

The keys to successful fundraising in French-speaking Africa

The first 100% online conference, where an expert trains you live! RECEIVE his sound advice, gained from years of experience working with investment funds. IMAGINE finally securing meetings with qualified investors willing to support your vision and your start-up?

Let me introduce myself

I’m Sonia Mavouna, a lawyer at the Paris bar. Also founder of African Legal Factory, the first legal training platform for African entrepreneurs and lawyers. During my career, I’ve worked with some of the most prestigious investment funds on transactions in French-speaking Africa. Do you know Actis, Améthis, Wendel, DPI and Helios? I’ve noticed that lawyers are very expensive inFrench-speaking Africa. There was very little legal support to match the budgets and technological needs of start-ups. So I decided to launch the African Legal Factory to provide entrepreneurs with legal training and contractual support.

🎯 À t the end of this online fundraising course :

✅ You’ll have a clear idea of who’s investing in French-speaking Africa, thanks to our exclusive mapping;
✅ And you won’t be afraid to negotiate your
term sheet
or shareholders’ agreement;
✅ At last, you’ll know how to strategically prepare your fundraising, and its various stages.

🎁 Included in the training to learn how to raise funds:

✅ Exclusivecoaching limited to 15 contractors;
✅ copy of a sample term sheet
term sheet
and shareholders’ agreement;
✅ the official certificate of participation in our training course;
✅ a map listing investors in French-speaking Africa ;
✅ as well as your membership of the African Legal factory community, where you can exchange ideas online with other people.

Register now for the next session on 15/03/2024 at 10 a.m. CET

Exceptionally, this 3-hour session is priced at €120.

Detailed schedule of your fund-raising training course

You will discover the 3 main pillars of legal preparation for fund-raising:

1. Why raise funds in French-speaking Africa, and from whom?

  • Overview of the various fund-raising methods;
  • An overview of fundraising in Africa over the past two years;
  • Overview of the different stages in a fundraising process(signing, audit and closing).

2. What documents do I need to prepare to start fund-raising?

  • Prepare a clear business plan and sales presentation;
  • Work on your pitch and define the relevant key metrics;
  • Bring your start-up into legal compliance (intellectual property registration, commercial contracts, compliance with personal data regulations, etc.).

3. How to master the main clauses of the term sheet and shareholders’ agreement?

  • Learn to master the main clauses of the term sheet (terms and use of investment proceeds, conditions precedent, etc.);
  • Know how to read and negotiate the essential clauses of shareholder agreements (bad and good leaver clauses, governance, liquidity, founders’ obligations, etc.).

To register for the next session on 15/03/2024 at 10am CET you can pay by :

You’ll receive your invoice and all the information you need about the course.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Testimonials

Since May 2020, more than 500 customers have taken our training course, including the following testimonials:

It’s a real opportunity to have training focused on fundraising in French-speaking Africa. I didn’t feel the 3 hours go by. What’s more, I’m leaving with support materials and contacts that I’ll be sure to put to good use”. Cynthia O.

“ALF’s fundraising training gave me a more practical and concrete idea of concepts that I understood in theory. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to raise funds or support others in doing so.” Amevi M.

“A trainer with very appreciable diction. Detailed and thoroughly explained Slides!!!! Ouf!!! What better way to raise the level of knowledge!!! ALF is just ideal!!! Highly recommended!” C. Dossou

“The training was very beneficial, it helped me understand the different stages of fundraising, the attitudes to have and above all the approach to successful fundraising.” Yves B.

“Sonia knows her stuff and you can feel it. Training in a small group encourages a good atmosphere, questions and exchanges (without drifting too far). Tips to look into. Short but to the point training.”

“An essential course for anyone wanting to start a business in Africa and gain a better understanding of the African fundraising environment!”


“Sonia knows her stuff and you can feel it. Training in a small group encourages a good atmosphere, questions and exchanges (without drifting too far). Tips to look into. Short but to the point training.”


Any questions? Need more information? Please contact us.

Looking for training? Then join us NOW!

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