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Bootcamp Live – The legal aspects of investing in a startup

In 1 hour TOP time, learn the basics of investing in a start-up with Hervé Toha, expert in corporate finance in France and French-speaking Africa.

Investing in French-speaking Africa is a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio and contribute to the continent’s economic dynamism.
However, the varied and complex legal landscape can turn this adventure into a real headache.
If you are aware of the opportunities, but also of the risks :
>> linked to ignorance of local legal specificities;
>> poorly structured investment agreements ;
>> unanticipated tax and regulatory implications;
>> with significant financial and operational consequences for your investments…
Then our training course is for you…

Who should attend?

Our program is aimed at all potential investors, whether novice or experienced, wishing to explore the opportunities offered by startups :

  • Entrepreneurs looking to invest in the startup ecosystem;
  • Incubators wishing to familiarize themselves with and understand the steps involved in investing in a startup;
  • Business Angels about to start investing.

You could embark on endless Internet searches… However

There remains a huge PROBLEM...

Where to find information transparently? It’s hard to find practical advice online on the steps and tools involved in investing in startups… And above all, to know what works today, rather than what has worked in the past. The lack of precise information raises further questions:

  • What contracts are signed as part of an investment?
  • How do you create a legal data room?
  • What are the key clauses of the term sheet and shareholders’ agreement?
  • What regulatory elements do I need to pay attention to?
  • How can investors continue to educate themselves and stay abreast of trends in startup investing?

So many questions that you end up giving up… To give you all the right answers, we’ve put together this online training course :

Let me introduce myself

I’m Sonia Mavouna, a lawyer at the Paris bar. Also founder of African Legal Factory, the first legal training platform for African entrepreneurs and lawyers. During my career, I’ve worked with some of the most prestigious investment funds on transactions in French-speaking Africa. Do you know Actis, Améthis, Wendel, DPI and Helios? I’ve noticed that lawyers are very expensive inFrench-speaking Africa. There was very little legal support to match the budgets and technological needs of start-ups. So I decided to launch the African Legal Factory to provide entrepreneurs with legal training and contractual support.

🎯 Atthe end of this training course on investing in a startup :

✅ You’ll have a clear idea of the legal elements to look out for when investing in a startup; ✅ You’ll know how to assess the legal risks associated with your investment; ✅You’ll know better how to legally protect your investment vehicle .

🎁 Included in the training on the legal aspects of investing in startups:

✅a summary list of all elements to be observed in the legal documentation for investment in a start-up ; ✅ the official certificate of participation in our training course; ✅ as well as your membership of the African Legal factory community, where you can exchange ideas online with other people.

Register now for the next session on 12/04/2024 at 10:00 am (GMT)

Detailed course outline

Part 1: Introduction to the legal fundamentals of investment

  • Presentation of the basic legal elements you need to master as an investor.
  • Highlighting the specificities of the French-speaking African context when it comes to investing in startups.

Part 2: Legal due diligence

  • The legal aspects of due diligence (intellectual property, personal data, contracts);
  • The compliance/regulatory aspects of a legal audit.

Part 3: Essential aspects of investment documentation

  • Review of essential Term Sheet clauses.
  • Review of the key clauses of the Shareholders’ Agreement.

To register for the next session on 12/04/2023 at 10:00 am (CET), all you have to do is make your payment at the links below.

You’ll receive your invoice and all the information you need about the course.


Any questions? Need more information? Please contact us.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Testimonials

Since May 2020, more than 500 customers have taken our training course, including the following testimonials:

“Sonia and the whole African Legal factory team are at the true intersection of startup mindset and high-level legal competence,if only it were accessible to all startups…”

Wacim Ben Yahya, PLANTONOME

Excellent, comprehensive training. This is a 360 on what it takes to launch a startup and protect yourself legally.

Nour El Ansari, WinkWide

I like the fact that the training is very friendly and Sonia too 🙂 then, what helps me the most is the fact that she explains everything to us with a normal vocabulary, and simple sentences, our discussions are also very realistic, it’s reassuring ^_^

Fadwa Moussaif, IDYR

Sonia Mavouna, a member of the Paris Bar specializing in supporting start-ups and investment funds for over 10 years in France and French-speaking Africa.
The training lasts 3H00.
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Video: April 12, 2024
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