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E-learning training for successful fund-raising in France

Get legally ready in 1h30 TOP CHRONO for your next fundraising in France!

Your company’s success is already a victory! Your objective now is to obtain financing to optimize the development of your startup in France. But how do you present it to investors, and get their help in financing its growth? Raising funds can certainly seem long and complex… And perhaps you’re afraid of embarking on exhausting negotiations that may not be successful? Don’t worry about any of this: our fundraising training course gives you the keys to success!

Who is this online fund-raising course for?

This online training course is specifically designed for :

  • entrepreneurs seeking financing to develop their business, who are unfamiliar with the process of raising and negotiating funds;
  • incubators who want to understand how fund-raising works, and the essential clauses of investment documentation, so they can support their startups;
  • anyone wishing to master the French fundraising process, with all its particularities.

Why take a fund-raising course?

Searching the Web could, in fact, be your first reflex. But what’s the point of embarking on endless research, without knowing where to find clear and relevant information? What’s more, it’s not easy to know all the tricks of the fund-raising trade, or to know what works now, rather than what worked in the past. Much of the information you are likely to find is often lacking in precision, leading you to ask yourself new questions:

  • Where and when should I raise funds?
  • How to make strategic presentations?
  • How long does it take to raise funds?
  • What legal hurdles can I face?
  • How can we prevent negotiations from dragging on and on?

All these unanswered questions could discourage you… That’s why we offer this online training course on fundraising, to provide you with :

The keys to successful fundraising in France

An e-learning course on raising funds for a startup in France, prepared by a legal expert who draws on her experience working with French startups at The Family gas pedal.
What if you could finally get interviews with qualified investors who support your vision and your startup? What if you could master the main clauses of investment documentation? We give you all the keys to successful fundraising in France.

What do I need to know about this fundraising training course?

🎓 Who is your trainer?

Who am I? Léa EVRARD is a business lawyer specializing in supporting French start-ups, particularly in fund-raising.
My mission? We support these startups at every stage of their development, upstream of all operations (creation, partnership agreements, fund-raising, founder relations, contracts, management packages, restructuring, exits, etc.).
My experience in Parisian incubators, and my interest in tech and new technologies, enable me to better support entrepreneurs over the long term. I’m also able to understand their issues and anticipate their legal strategy.

🎯 What benefits will you derive from this training?

At the end of this training :
✅ you will learn about the documentation you need to prepare to successfully raise funds for your start-up ;
✅ you’ll understand the the different stages of fund-raisingas well as the legal instruments available for raising funds from investors;
✅ and you’ll no longer dread negotiating your
term sheet
or shareholders’ agreement.

🎁 What is included in this training?

✅ training slides, plus a copy of a sample term sheet;
✅ the official certificate of attendance;
✅ and your membership of the African Legal factory community, where you can chat online with other members.

So don’t wait any longer to sign up for this 1.5-hour e-learning course at an exceptional price!

What is the program for this fund-raising course in France?

You will discover the 3 main principles of good legal preparation for fund-raising:

Module 1: Why raise funds in France, and who should you talk to?

  • Explanation of the various aspects of fund-raising;
  • Timetable for the various stages(signing, auditing, closing) of the fund-raising process.

Module 2: The documents you need to prepare for your fundraising campaign

  • Draw up a clear business plan and sales presentation;
  • Prepare your pitch and determine the appropriate key metrics;
  • Legal compliance for your startup (bringing commercial contracts into line, registering intellectual property, complying with regulations on personal data, etc.).

Module 3: Mastering the essential clauses of term sheets and shareholders’ agreements

  • Learn to master the essential clauses of the term sheet (terms and conditions of the investment proceeds, conditions precedent, etc.);
  • Understand and negotiate the main clauses of shareholder agreements (governance clauses, founders’ obligations, bad and good leaver clauses, etc.).

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Testimonials

“I learned through the training that I didn’t know much about lifting, so it was important to give myself the means to take this step. Admitting that you don’t know saves you from making a lot of mistakes, so you can ask the right people for help. The information was relevant and very clear. I feel better equipped for this crucial stage in the life of a company.


“Excellent training tolearn the basics of fundraising.”


“This training has beenextremely useful for my personal and professional development. After this training, I had enough information about fundraising in general, and I also really appreciated the founder, who has a good grasp of the field. Thank you.”

Any questions? Need more information? Please contact us.


Partie I - Pourquoi et auprès de qui lever des fonds ?

Partie II - Comment lever des fonds ?

Partie III - La documentation d'investissement

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Yes, the complete training slides will be available on your personal account, once the training has been completed.
Anyone wishing to master the fund-raising process in France. This is an entry-level course.
100% online course on Zoom. You will receive the participation link after registering on the site. This link will also remain available in your personal space, in the "Start course" tab.
Yes: you can obtain a certificate at the end of the course.
The course lasts 1 h 30.
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