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Training: Introduction to Blockchain for lawyers and legal professionals

Learn the basics of blockchain and smart contracts so you can familiarize yourself with Web3 and provide legal support for your customers!

Would you like to learn more about Web3 but don’t know where to start? Would you like to provide legal support to your customers but don’t know how to get trained? Many lawyers want to understand the technical and legal aspects of blockchain … but there are few training courses that allow them to do so. Do you think understanding blockchain is a long and difficult process? Are you concerned about learning about smart contracts because you don’t know anything about code? Would you like to find a training course dedicated to these topics, accessible to legal professionals to help you?

🎯 This course is for you if :

  • you are a lawyer and want to understand Web3 for personal or professional purposes;
  • you know what blockchain is and want to understand the technical and legal issues involved;
  • you want to understand the uses of blockchain and the opportunities that this technology represents for lawyers, so that you can support your customers.

→ You could embark on endless Internet searches… However…There’s still one huge problem….

Where to find information in a transparent ? way It is indeed very difficult to know all the tricks of the legal aspects of blockchain and smart contracts… And especially in the face of this regularly evolving technology and regulatory developments to make sure you are up to date with the regulations. The lack of precise information raises further questions:

  • What taxation applies to cryptocurrencies?
  • What is the legal status of NFTs?
  • What is a smart contract?
  • How do you assist a web3 entrepreneur?

So many questions that you end up giving up…
C’est justement pour vous donner toutes les bonnes réponses, que notre formateur a crée cette formation en ligne.

🎓 Our instructor

Mr Ilizabaliza Juru Christian is a lawyer and developer specializing in smart contracts using the Ethereum solidity language. He has been teaching law and blockchain to lawyers since 2018. He is about to publish a book on the future of law in the age of blockchain.

Detailed schedule of your blockchain training course

First, you’ll learn about the origins of blockchain, then the technical aspects, followed by the legal aspects, before concluding with the various use cases of blockchain to help you identify how you can support your customers.

  • Session 1: Legal introduction to blockchain ;
  • Session 2: The price of trust in a decentralized system ;
  • Session 3: Legal analysis of a blockchain project ;
  • Session 4: The jurist: a servant for two masters?
  • Session 5: The legal status of DAOs ;
  • Session 6: The role of the state in the age of blockchain ;
  • Session 7: The different types of tokens and their legal status ;
  • Session 8: Crypto-legal watch or how to protect your customers from scams ;
  • Session 9: Exogenous and endogenous legislation for blockchain and DLTs;
  • Session 10: The three legal worlds and their regulations ;
  • Session 11: The role of the 21st century notary ;
  • Session 12: The future of law.

🎯At the end of this blockchain training course you will be able to:

✅ Know the origins of blockchain;
✅ Understand and explain blockchain technology and its characteristics ;
✅ Understand what a smart contract is, create a wallet and discover how a DAO works;
✅ Identify the various uses that blockchain can have, in order to discover the opportunities for lawyers.

No, free training courses do not lead to certification.
All training courses last approximately 6 hours.
Enrolled: 0 students
Duration: 6 hours
Level: Débutant