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Getting started: 10 steps to RGPD compliance

Learn in 10 minutes the 10 steps to learn how to comply with the RGPD

What is the RGPD? This is the General Data Protection Regulation. Are you an African entrepreneur processing personal data on customers located in the European Union (EU)? Are you working as a subcontractor for a customer based in France, Belgium or another EU country? So this European regulation potentially concerns you. Follow this short introductory training course, and learn how to comply with RGPD obligations.

Why train in data protection?

🤔 Why do you absolutely have to respect and comply with RGPD regulations? To avoid heavy penalties! They can amount to 4% of your annual worldwide sales, or a fine of 20 million euros. In this case, the larger amount is taken into account.

But that’s not all: complying with RGPD requirements sets you apart from the competition. This gives you an extremely positive competitive edge, in terms of your company’s reputation and brand image. This demonstrates exemplary management of the personal data processed on your customer’s behalf.

Who is this short RGPD primer video for?

Do you process personal data from customers based in the European Union? You are

  • entrepreneurs, general managers, legal experts or lawyers in French-speaking Africa;
  • cloud computing service manager, staff in charge of cloud computing activities ;
  • compliance director, data protection officer (DPO) or personal data manager;
  • Data Management Platform (DMP), SaaS solution provider, data hosting ;
  • information systems manager, personal data processor for your customer ;
  • information systems security manager (ISSM), quality manager, internal or external auditor.

Do you recognize yourself? Then this course is for you.

Objective: to teach you 10 steps to comply with the RGPD.

In this short primer, BOLD ACADEMY helps you identify your obligations and delivers 10 tips for learning how to bring your startup into compliance with European regulations (RGPD).

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