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E-learning training: understanding the technical and legal aspects of NFTs


This course is designed to help you understand what an NFT is, how to get one issued and the legal aspects.

😱 If you still don’t understand what an NFT is and feel lost on Twitter…

👉 If you want to understand how to create one and protect yourself legally

😎 If you want to understand the extent of the opportunities offered by this technology…

Now is the time to take the time to follow this short e-learning course on the subject:


In this 2H00 e-learning course, we will explain :

  • what an NFT is and what makes it special in the web3 context;
  • how the NFT program works and the different players involved;
  • NFT issue costs;
  • the legal aspects to be taken into account when issuing an NFT.

Who should attend :

  • contractors ;
  • lawyers ;
  • anyone wishing to create NFTs and gain a better understanding of how NFTs are issued, as well as the legal aspects;
  • anyone curious about the opportunities offered by this technology.

🎯 At the end of this training you :

✅ understand what an NFT is;
✅ will know how to issue or have issued an NFT ;
✅ know your legal obligations in connection with the show;
✅ know how to protect yourself in the context of your transactions and the issuance of NFTs.

Details of training modules :

👉 Module 1: general and technical presentation of NFT :
👉 Module 2: NFT use cases and business opportunities ;
👉 Module 3: legal aspects of NFT.
⌚️Durée approximately 2H00

The trainer :

The course is run by Abdoulaye Diallo, a doctoral student in law and blockchain entrepreneur.

  • Blockchain development (smart contracts, DAO, NFT, tokenization, ICO from prototyping to production) ;
  • legal engineering (business and information contracts, RGPD compliance, crypto-asset regulations) ;
  • legaltech development (chatbots, legal document automation, natural language processing tools).

Register now for this e-learning course on the legal introduction to NFTs

Exceptionally, this 2h00 session is priced at 29.

🎁 Included in the course :

✅ training slides

✅ the official certificate of participation in our training course; and
✅ your membership of the African Legal factory community, where you can exchange ideas online with other people.

Yes, the complete training slides will be available on your personal account, once the training has been completed.
Anyone wishing to find out what an NFT is, discover how an NFT is created, understand the legal issues surrounding NFTs and better grasp the business opportunities offered by this technology.
On line

Yes, this training allows you to obtain a certificate at the end of the course.

Hello everyone,

We're looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday to discover and discuss what NFT is all about.

Here's what's in store for you:  

🔸 Part I: General and technical presentation ; 

🔸 Part II: Business opportunity NFT ;

🔸 Part III: Legal aspects of NFT.

See you on Saturday! Abdoulaye Diallo and Sonia Mavouna

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